Roasted Lamb

Rack of lamb baked for lunch, using the closed oven method. Heavy rains here in central Florida today, so this is always a great backup indoor recipe. It came out absolutely delicious! Hope you enjoy.

Lamb Baked in Cast Iron


1. Preheat the oven and cast iron skillet to 500° F.  We used a vintage 3 notch #10 Lodge cast iron skillet. 
2. Season 2 pound rack of lamb. These were seasoned with @wassismeatmarket Classic steak seasoning. 
3. Put in a 2 pound rack of lamb cut in half so you can interlock and prop up. This will allow for more air circulation around the meat.
4. Cook for 10 minutes @ 500°.
5. Turn off and leave in closed oven until the lamb internal temperature hit 127°, which took about 8 additional minutes.
6. Enjoy!

Sliced Lamb after Baking in Cast Iron