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Crisbee Cream Iron®

Crisbee Cream Iron®

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Mix & Match 2 Stiks

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The crunchy, the creamy,
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1:  How long will the Crisbee Puck last with everyday use? +

One Puck will last at least 8 weeks with everyday use!

2:  What is the difference between Crisbee & Larbee?+

Crisbee is a vegetable-based cast iron seasoning made with vegetable oil, beeswax, and palm oil. Larbee is an animal fat-based seasoning made with lard and beeswax.

3:  Do I have to strip off the seasoning that's already on my cast iron before using Crisbee?+

No, it is not necessary to strip your pan. Just follow our instructions for Initial Seasoning of Cast Iron.

4:  I'm new to cast iron...why is my skillet always sticky? What am I doing wrong?+

Usually it is because the oil was applied too thickly. Wipe off until it appears completely dry to avoid the oil pooling into little sticky spots of partially polymerized oil.

5:  Can your products be used on stainless steel pans?+

A lot of Crisbee users love seasoning their carbon steel with our products. We have not tried seasoning stainless steel, but if you try and it works for you please let us know!

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