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Seven Hills | Original Cincinnati Style Chili Seasoning

Seven Hills | Original Cincinnati Style Chili Seasoning

from Crisbee Cast Iron Seasoning

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We've helped bring a close friend's hit secret family recipe to tastebuds outside of Cincinnati. Now it's really taking off.

To Make Amazing Chili

Use the included instructions on the label to make Seven Hills Chili and enjoy the ultimate Cincinnati-style chili anywhere. 

As an All Purpose Seasoning

Seven Hills goes amazingly well on eggs, as a bbq rub, lamb, mac & cheese, fish, grilled butternut squash, and literally everything else we've tried it on. 

It is one of our new household staples!


About the Blend & How it Spread

The History

Seven Hills Chili is one of many secret family recipes passed down from the founder's late Grandmother, Alice. Seven Hills Chili Original blend is a special blend of seasonings and spices that result in a savory, Cincinnati style chili.

Almost a century ago, Grandma Alice developed a recipe for Chili inspired by Cincinnati’s original Chili Parlor. The founders of that chili parlor added a unique blend of Mediterranean spices that provide that famous and unique Cincinnati Chili flavor.

The Legacy

Today, all current Cincinnati chili parlors use a version of that original recipe. Over the years, Grandma tweaked her recipe – all the way to perfection. Although she never dreamed of opening her own parlor, she served her Cincinnati style chili to her family and friends until her death in 1976. Although all of the current parlors in Cincinnati have excellent chili, we think you will agree, Seven Hills Chili – Grandma Alice’s secret recipe – is superior to them all.

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