1 Campfire Cooking Kit Essential

1 Campfire Cooking Kit Essential

Campfire Cooking Cast Iron Skillet photo by takibi.camp

Cast iron skillet.

Camping and cast iron go real well together. A cast iron skillet is always included in our camping gear.

Cast iron campfire cooking is low maintenance. The campfire's temperature may fluctuate, the cast iron skillet encourages even cooking with iron's heat retention.

Cast iron's non-stick cooking means 

no cooking oils coming on the trip just to cook.

Which when camping and especially backpacking, the fewer items to take up space the better generally. It will also likely be a lot easier to clean than stainless, just be sure to season your cast iron before hitting the road.



We highly recommend including a cast iron skillet with your camping must-haves and trying cast iron cooking over the campfire. 



Not Essential, but Recommended for Easier Campfire Cooking Cleanup

Before we started offering cast iron cleaning products, we used a chain mail scrubber and then found a fantastic natural brush scrubber. Both are high quality scrubbers and much more economical than the sponges we had typically used.

The chainmail scrubber takes up the least amount of space and cleans the easiest, making it our ideal companion next to our favorite vintage cast iron skillet when camping.

Another important note on cleaning

One more thing about cleaning cast iron. We advise against using metal scrubbers on enamel coated cast iron (such as Le Creuset pieces). The natural brushes work great on them. If you'd like to learn more about that check out our page on caring for enamel coated cast iron

Honorable Mention

We recently went camping and met some folks making chili. It was only then we realized we didn't bring any Seven Hills, and it will be a camp cooking essential going forward.

Thanks for reading! Happy camping!