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Crisbee Scrub Brush | Cast Iron Cleaner, etc.

Crisbee Scrub Brush | Cast Iron Cleaner, etc.

from Crisbee Cast Iron Seasoning

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Cleans effectively without scratching the seasoning or finish, making it an ideal cast iron / carbon steel cleaner. It has become a staple in our house.

About the Crisbee Scrub Brush features:
    • Natural bristles derived from sisal and palm
    • Bamboo handle
    • Safe for direct contact with hot pan makes this an excellent brush for cleaning cast iron


    Suggestions for Cleaning with the Cast Iron Brush:

    Wash before use and let brush air dry (bristles facing down) between uses.  For best results, do not submerge brushes in water for extended periods of time. Keep away from fire.  

    Use soap! Yes it's okay to use soap when cleaning cast iron (we talk about why it is okay in our guide on seasoning cast iron here). 

    As with all Crisbee products:

    Satisfaction guaranteed, and free & fast shipping (US).

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