Cooking on Our Favorite Fire Pit Grill

Here we go over why Arteflame is our

Favorite Fire Pit Grill

Before and after seasoning Arteflame campfire grill with Crisbee cast iron / carbon steel seasoning


The Seasoning

The cooking surface on Arteflame grills is corten steel (also known as weathered steel), and patinas and seasons beautifully. 


The Cleaning

One big perk of convenience with cooking on this type of grill is the easy clean up of being able to scrape the food remains from the grill straight into the fire. 

The Experience

These grills are fun!  It's hard not to like a fire pit and grill combo, even when it's not as beautifully designed as the Arteflame. 
The whole grill by the fire combo makes for what we think is the best plancha grill cooking experience. 
Q: What does "plancha" mean?
A: In the culinary context, plancha is Spanish for iron griddle.

We seasoned them and then had an amazing cookout in the mountains of Arizona with Arteflame and friends over an unbeatable view and feast!