All-In-One Wood Conditioner from Crisbee®

Rather than applying a pre-stain conditioner and then a wood stain, you might be interested in our all-in-one solution. Which is currently 5/5 Stars on Amazon (September 2023) !

Crisbee Cream Wood ® All-In-One Conditioner


For initial raw wood treatment
For follow-up/routine maintenance conditioning of wood

With our roots in cast iron seasoning, it was important to us our wood conditioning process keeps the wood food-safe. To learn more or shop you can check out the product page: Crisbee Cream Wood®


Why condition wood?

A wood conditioner serves both function and aesthetics.

All in one wood conditioner great results from Big Green Egg Foodie

Function of Conditioned Wood

It soaks into the fibers of the bare, dried wood. This provides more integrity to the wood.

People use wood conditioners on things like cutting boards, butcher blocks, wooden utensils, knife handles, etc. resulting in a smoother wood less vulnerable to damage.

Aesthetics of Conditioned Wood

A sufficient wood conditioner without any dyes/colorants essentially dial up the contrast on the wood, highlighting the natural beauty in the wood grain.

Some people use their favorite wood conditioner as a pre-stain conditioner. But you might even prefer wood conditioning overwood staining.

A look at our countertop before & after conditioning it:

Results on a butcher block after being conditioned - Crisbee Cream Wood ® All-in-One Wood Conditioner


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