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Here you may find some helpful sources to learn more about cast iron history, restoration and maintenance, general cast iron use, and of course the epicenter of cast iron cookware... the cooking!




Cast Iron Recipes

Cast Iron Recipes by Crisbee

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The Culinary Fanatic - Home

Caring for Your Cookware

Seasoning And Maintaining Cast Iron by Crisbee

How To Restore Cast Iron by Lodge Cast Iron

How To Clean Cast Iron

Using Crisbee

Before & After: This Amazing Little Stick Helped Bring My Cast Iron Skillet Back from the Brink by Ashley Poskin for The Kitchn

Guide To Rescuing Cast Iron Cookware by Nourish And Nestle

Crisbee Review by Cast Iron Pan Store

Crisbee Review by TOPONAUTIC

Lodge's Cast Iron Use And Care

Cast Iron Restoration and Maintenance by The Culinary Fanatic


AUSfonte™ cast iron and AUS-ION™ formed-iron (steel) cookware by SOLIDTEKNICS

Solidteknics AUS-ION Seamless Carbon Steel Pan (Review by Jeffrey B. Rogers)

Jeffrey B. Rogers - Lodge's New Rust-Resistant Skillets! Seasoned with Crisbee

More Resources on Cast Iron

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Some of Our Favorite Recipe Videos

The Culinary Fanatic's "Roasted Spiral Potatoes and Bacon in Cast Iron | The Potato Flower (In Beautiful 4K!) (on YouTube) 

Korean Barbecue Short Rib Burrito on the Griddle by All Things BBQ (on YouTube)