How to Season Cast Iron with Crisbee

Here's an introduction to Crisbee® & the seasoning process:

When cast iron is bare we give it an initial seasoning. When the cast iron is already seasoned we maintain the seasoning.

Part One goes over initial seasoning of cast iron, Part Two goes over how to maintain your super slick cast iron seasoning. If you have any questions regarding cast iron seasoning, please don't hesitate to reach out. Enjoy!

for Initial Seasoning of Cast Iron

1. Preheat cast iron piece to be seasoned in a 200° (F) oven for 30 minutes. 

2. Lightly apply Crisbee to the cast iron using the Crisbee Puck®. Use a shop towel or paper towel to spread evenly over all iron.

3. Once you have it coated try to wipe off all of the Crisbee with a shop towel or paper towel until the pan appears completely dry. *This is an important step to prevent any Crisbee from puddling and turning into a sticky mess. 

4. Place cast iron upside down in oven.

5. Heat in oven at 400° (F) for one hour.

6. Turn oven off and let the pan cool slowly.

7. Repeat steps 1-6 a total of 3 times and your cast iron is ready for use!

8. Please watch the Crisbee Puck Demo below.


for Daily Maintenance of Cast Iron

1. After use, wash cast iron and dry thoroughly.

2. Place cast iron on stove top over medium low heat for just a few minutes.

3. Remove from burner and lightly apply Crisbee on cooking surface only.

4. Wipe off with a paper towel and it is ready for storage.

5. Please watch the Crisbee Puck Demo below.




Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding seasoning or cast iron in general, and we'd be happy to help!