How To Season Cast Iron Over Fire

If the cast iron is already seasoned, we reseason it over fire very simply. Just like in the kitchen. With what we call our Daily Maintenance.

Daily Maintenance

1. Wash the cast iron and dry thoroughly.
2. Place the cast iron on stove top (or campfire in this case) over medium low heat for just a few minutes.
3. Remove from heat and lightly apply Crisbee® on cooking surface only.
4. Wipe off with a paper towel and it is ready for storage.


If you're looking to season bare iron, we suggest trying to get as close as possible to the process we outline in our Initial Seasoning instructions:

Initial Seasoning

1. Preheat cast iron piece to be seasoned in a 200° (F) oven for 30 minutes. 
2. Lightly apply Crisbee to the cast iron. Use a paper towel to spread evenly over all the cast iron skillet.

3. Once you have it coated take a paper towel and try to wipe off all of the Crisbee until the pan appears completely dry. *This is an important step to prevent any Crisbee from puddling and turning into a sticky mess. 

4. Place cast iron upside down in oven.
5. Heat in oven at 400° (F) for one hour.
6. Turn oven off and let the cast iron cool slowly.
7. Repeat steps 1 through 6 for a total of 3 times and your cast iron is ready for use!